CoreBridge System Update 06/02/2013 - Release Notes

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on 06/02/2013 (v. 2.1.531.8691). Please note that the notes below only generally identify updates, if you would like additional information on a particular item, please submit a request to support.


Below are the release notes for this update:

1. Printed Invoice now reflects your Company DBA on the Pickup Address when In-Store Pickup is selected during Order Entry

2. Update All Products in the Order View now allows you to bulk update Product Due Dates in addition to Product Status

3. Performance speed on the CRM Contact Search has been improved

4. Postage is now reflected on its own line on the printed Invoice

5. Identical contacts that exist in multiple companies can now use the same login information and choose which account to view when logging into the Customer Portal.

6. Added functionality allowing users to access Customer Portal from the account page. This allows you to offer customer support to your customers using the Customer Portal. Access to this functionality is managed in the Management Module under User Access Rights.

7. User Access Rights now includes the ability to manage users access to edit Customer Specific Pricing.

8. Added functionality to Machine Profiles allowing a Weighted Value Multiplier (this can be found under Machine Profile Advanced Settings).

9. General UI updates

10. General performance enhancements

11. General bug fixes

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