Release Notes 8-19-13

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on 08/19//2013 (v. 2.1.1067.9646), with the following updates and enhancements:

1.  There is now the ability to search payment history by customer, invoice, amount, payment type, payment ID, and date.   Sales Module / Customers / Payments / Search Payments

2.  In the queue's tab, there is now an option to select "all" when choosing the number of products per page to view.  

3.  In the Design and Production Modules you can now print a work order directly from the order view page.

4.  The contact card now displays the job authority and contact status of that particular contact. 

5.  If a user is subscribed to the alerts for "production notes updated",  "sales notes updated" or  "design notes updated"  they may click on the invoice number directly from the home page where they can view those notes. 

6.  Several multi-location enhancements.  These updates only will apply to a center that has more than a single location enabled.  
      a)  Ability to adjust pricing globally for each location on Parts, Modifiers, and Setup Fees
      b)  Ability to adjust revenue split between billing location and production location (in instances where they differ)
      c)  Report added to display revenue split details for each invoice on billing and production locations

7. Work Order Update: Option to show/hide material tear-away. 

8. General Interface updates 

9. General performance enhancements

10. General Bug Fixes

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