Release Notes Oct 8th, 2013

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on Oct 8, 2013 (v. 2.1.1285.10458), with the following updates and enhancements:

1.   We have updated estimate and order search paging.  In addition to viewing the next and previous page in the search, you will now be able to jump to specific numbered pages.

2.  Added ability to change assigned part group in 1 click.

3.  Added Customer Specific Payments search tab to Customer Account.

4.  Added ability to use negative margins with Cost-Plus parts/modifiers.  This allows for greater control of retail pricing where you can now sell a product for less than the calculated cost (i.e. low quantity items).  

5.  Added advanced setting on machine profiles that allows for custom margin charts for machines to be used with Cost-Plus parts only.  

6. Added ability to merge customers.

7. Added feature to control what quantity is used to control modifier discount.

8. Added editable proof description.

9. Added ability to customize naming convention for "Cash Customers".

10.  Added ability for all Sales reports to filter sales by Closed Date, Completed Date, Built Date, or Created Date.

11. Added ability to customize system password policy.

12. Significant QuickBooks Sync updates including better handling of voided orders.

13. General UI and usability enhancements.

14. General bug fixes.

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