Customer Statements (for all customers) Report Now Available


We have just added a new report located in the Reports Module and it is now available in all systems.  It is located under the Customers/Receivables tab. Click Customer Statements (for all customers)> Generate to view your results.  This report will allow you to generate and print all statements for customers that are in a completed status (or have a balance due) at one time. 

To generate an individual customer statement, navigate to that customer's page in the Sales Module.

These statements include parameters to filter by single or multiple locations.



 I want to generate an individual customer statement, I am at the customer page in Sales Module but do not see how to generate a statement. How can I do this?

Murray, you can generate individual customer statements by navigating to the Sales Module > Customer > Specific Customer > Statement (there is a button in the top right hand corner). You can either print the PDF version of the statement or you can click the paper airplane icon to directly email the statement to your customer. Here is a screenshot. 

Also as a reminder, for a faster response please email or chat with us on as this forum is not actively monitored, so we suggest either emailing or chatting with us. 

Thank you Abbie!

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