Release Notes Nov 16th, 2013

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on November 16th, 2013 (v. 2.1.1494.10978), with the following updates and enhancements:

-Added ability to force Parent Size during order entry

-Additional Payment types added (ACH & Wire)

-Added Bad Debt functionality (Only SysAdmins can mark an invoice paid with Bad Debt and only on Completed Orders)

-Major reconciliation enhancements displaying additional details during reconciliation period
     -Click here for additional Details

-QuickBooks Sync tool enhancements
     -Customer payments will no longer sync over until they have been reconciled
     -Customer Credit now shows up as an expense
     -Customer merge through CoreBridge now supported with sync into QuickBooks
     -Better error handling

-Production Module Queues now display Substatus instead of Product Status

-Added ability to view/add notes on each product from the order view screen

-Added ability to search and create vendors directly from the parts management section

-Several minor bug fixes

-Several UI Enhancements

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