CoreBridge Release Notes - Dec 10, 2013

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on December 10th, 2013 (v. 2.1.1583.11304), with the following updates and enhancements:

-Added ability to send all outgoing email to multiple recipients

-Complete overhaul of Franchise Royalty program and reporting
     -All royalty amounts now tied to Income Accounts
     -Customer royalty exemption option available

-Added management setting to allow adjustments for required information on Walk-In Customers

-Added initial settings for Internationalization options (allows for custom address and phone validations)

-Updating Associated Vendor pricing now just looks at Vendor Name & Vendor Part number to make it easier to update pricing from Vendor list

-Added advanced setting option to adjust machine disposable cost on second side (if applicable)

-Divide by zero errors will now just return value of Zero instead of throwing error

-Work Order now includes the PO number in the header when one exists

-Invoice now includes the order contact's work phone number

-Several QuickBooks syncing enhancements

-Many UI enhancements

-Several Minor Bug Fixes

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