Update to Estimate/Invoice

The Order Contact (Ordered By) information will now be displayed in it's own area. A contact name and phone number will no longer be displayed with the 'Bill To' address information.

This decision was based on feedback from our users and some compliance considerations.

Some of the considerations:

1. The 'Bill To' address has been positioned to properly display through the window of a #10 envelope.
2. Reduce confusion by consistently showing the order contact information in the same spot and include the their email address and phone number. Order contact phone number will first look at the office phone number on the contact, if that is blank, it will display the cell number.
3. This will support some changes coming soon that allow for a person's name other than the person that placed the order to be displayed with the shipping address. This will allow for the 'shipping' address to be shipping, delivery, drop-ship, installation, or pick-up.

We hope these changes make the Invoice/Estimate more useful and clear.


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