Release Notes: May 10th, 2014

An update to the CoreBridge Management System was applied to all environments on May 10th, 2014, with the following fixes and enhancements:

  1. Added a Condensed WIP by Order Report. This can be found under the Production section of the Reports Module.
  2. Added new Detailed and Summary Royalty Report to take advantage of new royalty functionality. This report can be found under the Franchise section of the Reports Module.Royalty report settings can be found in the Management Module under Global Settings > Royalties1
  3. Payments are now tied directly to location for multi-location tenants.
  4. Reconciliation fixes related to refunds.
  5. In-Store Credit is now location specific for multi-location tenants.
  6. Added ability to link part dimensions and part quantity during order entry (click for article)
  7. Queues will now retain the filter settings after auto-refreshing.
  8. Optimize customer payment search table to show more accurate search results.
  9. Optimized order cloning modal to automatically set drop down based on clone type (order/estimate).
  10. Added the ability to check all alerts or messages on a page allowing you to delete a page at a time.
  11. Added Chrome to the supported browser list (browser download link on login screen).
  12. Ability to print Packing Slip from Production Module's Order View page.
  13. Update of QuickBooks Sync Tool to better handle transactions for multiple locations

  14. General UI updates.
  15. General bug fixes.


1Users not belonging to a franchise will not see royalty related functionality in their system.

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