Release Notes: June 15, 2014

An update was pushed to all CoreBridge Systems. This update included the following items:

1.  Additional adjustments were made to the processing of online class G credit cards.

2.  The ability to store and use stored customer credit cards was re-enabled in the management system.  Customer portal to follow shortly.  (Integrated Merchant Account Required)

3.  On Price Override, added ability to override either total price or price per each.

4.  Fixed some layout manager viewing issues in relation to offset presses.

5.  Added additional options when cloning orders/estimates to remove notes and product and part proofs.

6.  Fixed a bug where after cloning an order, certain proof types wouldn't print correctly on the work order.

7.  Added ability to clear proof on any individual product from the product view page. 

8.  Some minor UI adjustments and bug fixes.

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Thanks for updates - and documenting updates!

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