Release Notes: February 12, 2015

An Update was released to all CoreBridge Systems.

System Updates & Enhancements

1. Added ability to add order notes

The ability to add order level notes on the Order View page has been added. This feature has been added in response to user requests and is intended to enhance the ability to record important order level data for both reference and cross-user communication.


  • Order notes are both viewed and entered from the Order View page.
  • Order notes are for internal use only and do not display in any customer communication
  • Order notes are entered free form and without user restriction. This means they are open to be entered and edited by any user with access to this area of the system.
  • Order Notes can be marked as 'Important', this will cause a red exclamation mark to show in the notes tab. This gives the user a visual queue to read the notes.
  • Order dates have been moved out of the 'Dates' tab and now appear just above the tabs




  • Order notes currently only show up in the Sales Module. They are being added to the Production Module and Design Module, and will appear in these additional two modules very soon.
  • The ability to add notes to a customer and designate those to show up on all orders created for that customer is also being added.


2. Checking has been added on editing completed and closed orders to prevent a user-A from editing an order in this status that user-B has already edited prior to the current page being viewed getting refreshed. In the case when user-A hits this scenario, a message will be displayed alerting user-A that the order they are trying to edit has already been edited. 

3. UI adjustments were made fixing an issue where viewing a contact's even history from the Order View would cause the modal displaying this information to occasionally appear off the page.


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