Release Notes: April 8, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

System Updates & Enhancements

  1. A change was made to Order Edit where a if an order has a deposit or any financial transactions tied to it, the associated Customer can no longer be switched to a different customer.  This was done to help prevent some issues when syncing to QuickBooks. 
  2. The Company Web Address field has been moved from the "Company Information" page to the "Location" page.  This will have no affect for systems with a single location.  For multi-location systems, each location can now have its own unique web address that will automatically be displayed on invoices, estimates, and other customer communication.  Email placeholders using the web address placeholder will automatically pick up the proper web address from the associated location. 
  3. An issue was corrected that prevented the proper history logging when automatic outgoing customer statements were sent.  Now, after monthly automatic statements are sent out, each customer account that was sent an email with their attached statement will have it logged on their Account History tab on their Customer page.  
  4. An issue was corrected that occurred when an online credit card payment was declined, a user alert was still triggered stating a payment was received.  This issue was not related to any financial transactions and caused no accounting problems.  It was specifically related to the user alert.  An alert will now only be triggered if the online credit card payment was successful.  
  5. Several minor bug fixes.
  6. Several minor user interface adjustments to the Customer Portal.
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