Release Notes: June 2, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

System Updates & Enhancements

  1. Module selector has been updated to work better on touch devices.
  2. Fixed some issues where the Estimate and Invoice default text was not populating correctly in some instances.
  3. Added a new User Right for the Management Module to restrict/enable viewing of the Royalties tab based on each user.
  4. Fixed an issue where systems with multiple locations would on some occasions show the wrong prefix when changing the billing location on an Estimate.
  5. For systems with multiple locations, fixed an issue where the Production Location Filter would return incorrect results in the Queues.
  6. Order/Estimate Search will now show the Order Contacts contact information (Phone, email) when hovering over the new phone icon under the Order Contact column.  
  7. Many enhancements to Order Entry that will help make it easier to follow and maximize screen space.  One such example is the system will automatically minimize parts when they are not the active part.  
  8. Corrected an issue where the system "Walk-in" Customer could receive in-store credit instead of forcing a refund.
  9. Several bug fixes with Order Entry.
  10. Several minor bug fixes throughout the system.
  11. Several minor UI updates.
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