Release Notes: June 3, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

QuickBooks Syncing Enhancements and New Features

  1. The ability to export an IIF file from CoreBridge has now been added.  Note:  This option cannot be used in conjunction with the sync tool.
  2. The sync tool will now support lump data syncing.  This is a much simpler form of the current sync option that allows for full data syncing.  Users can work with CoreBridge Support to transition from the full data sync to the lump data sync if desired.  
  3. An update was made to prevent unsupported characters in QuickBooks from syncing over and causing problems.
  4. Fixed an issue where on some occasions the Customer Sales Tax Group was not updating correctly in QuickBooks after being changed in CoreBridge.
  5.  Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.
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