Release Notes: June 16, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

CoreBridge System

  1. Fixed an issue that occurred in rare circumstances where customer pricing overrides where conflicting with other pricing settings.  
  2. Fixed an issue that occurred where the wrong pickup address would sometimes appear on invoices.
  3. Corrected some email placeholders that were not working properly.
  4. Fixed an issue that in some instances prevented a new user from being created due to email conflicts.
  5. Fixed an issue that prevented the default tax group on the location settings from being updated in some instances.
  6. The "Print All Work Order" button will now ignore products that are in a voided status.
  7. Added new functionality to the Size-Based Discount table found under the "Options" tab on the Part in the Management Module.  Previously the discounts could only be applied in increasingly higher percentages.  Now discount percentages can go up and down as desired.  Interpolation function will also work properly through the ups and downs of the discounts.  
  8. Added some additional functionality to aid users when processing a refund directly from a previous payment.  Now users will be directly taken to the proper payment making it easier and quicker to process the refund.
  9. Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements.

QuickBooks Syncing 

  1. Added details for aiding users when switching sync types (Full sync to Lump sync OR Lump sync to Full sync).
  2. Non-inventory and Service items will now sync with associated expense accounts if one is selected in CoreBridge.
  3. Minor enhancements.
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