Release Notes: July 16, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

  1. Fixed an error where cloning a part within a group, the associated labor levels would sometimes be lost.
  2. Added several new email placeholders to facilitate additional needs.  Also fixed a few placeholders that weren't working properly in some instances.  
  3. Corrected a problem where importing parts would sometimes not be allowed with some missing data.  
  4. Corrected some display issues with the Customer Balance report.
  5. Added the ability to set quantity breaks on parts by total square feet.  This option only appears if the pricing units on the part is set to "SquareFeet".  This same ability will be coming on modifiers soon.
  6. Added checks to prevent a situation where users with multiple windows or tabs open could apply duplicate payments to the same invoice.  
  7. Many minor enhancements to the system interfaces.
  8. Many minor bug fixes and message handling to improve communication.


Special Note:  Many enhancements to existing features,  improvements to system speed, and new requested features that we have been working on for several months will be coming in several phases over the next few months.  As these enhancements and upgrades are rolled out we will add additional release notes and support articles to help you take advantage of them.  

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