Release Notes: September 10, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

Notes on this release:

  1. Alerts adjusted not to send ‘Client Change Request’ alert for status change to ‘Awaiting Proof Approval’.
  2. Ability added to assign Master Account during initial customer creation.
  3. Clicking ‘Email Estimate/Invoice’ from Search screen now automatically opens email modal after Order View page is loaded.
  4. Issue resolved related to sending contact login information from the CRM Contact Search page.
  5. Adjustments to improve usability of Order Clone when PO# is required.
  6. The User Access Right ‘Restrict View to Assigned Order/Customers’ functionality has been expanded to include limiting the view on the Queues. (Previously restriction was only on Estimate/Order search)
  7. Update to refund functionality: Ability to change refund type (check, cash, etc) prior to that refund being reconciled. (previously, refund types could not be changed)
  8. When option to show Deposits & Credits is selected on the AR Summary Report, these  now show alongside all other results instead of on their own.
  9. GL Account sorting updated to be more user friendly.
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