Release Notes: September 24, 2015

An update was released to all CoreBridge systems.

Notes on this release:

  1. Fixed issue when trying to sort Built Queue on large result set.
  2. Periods are allowed when creating or editing a GL Account. Periods in COGS GL Accounts no longer cause
    creation of new purchase orders to fail.

  3.  Addressed issue where email alerts were showing in dashboard alerts section.
  4. Fixed an issue some users would encounter when trying to cancel a single product from the Order View
  5. Corrected some issues where information could not be pasted into contact information.
  6. Using "Switch Part" on a part that utilizes an updated modifier no longer causes
    an error.

  7. The button to add a product note on customer portal is disabled after first click to prevent duplicate
    posting and improve usability.

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