Release Notes: Aug. 18th, 2014

An update was pushed to all CoreBridge Systems. This update included the following items:

1.  Editing a Completed or Closed order now has a warning giving further details as to what will happen before a user can proceed.   Further details of what occurs can be found by referring to the related support article.  In Addition, please refer to item #2 below for additional features related to this item.

2.  Added a User Access Right to only allow authorized users the ability to edit a Completed or Closed order.  By default this setting is unchecked.
     *IMPORTANT:  To allow a user to edit Completed or Closed orders, you must first give them permission to do so.  This setting is found by going to:  Management Module > Users > Select User > Access Rights tab > Under Sales Module Permission check "Able to Edit Completed or Closed Orders"

3.  Inventory quantity can now accept decimals instead of just whole numbers.

4.  The functionality behind the "Is Vended" checkbox that optionally can appear during order entry has been updated.  For further details, please refer to the support article, Enabling Vended Products During Order Entry and Related Options.

5.  Several improvements to paging options in Customer Portal.

6.  Added outgoing Email templates for Email Estimate and Email Order.  This will allow you to now customize these default emails globally rather than having to edit it each time before sending.  

7.  When cloning estimates and orders, a new option "Update to Currently Assigned Salesperson" is now available.  By default this option is checked, which will force a check of the assigned salesperson on the customer account and update on the order/estimate if a change has occurred.   

8.  Automated monthly statement emails now re-enabled for all systems.  For details on how to enable or use this feature, please refer to the support article, Enabling and Using Automatic Monthly Statements to Customers.

9.  New Master Account settings available for tracking on customers.  For details on how to enable and use the Master Accounts feature, please refer to the support article, Customer Master Accounts.

10.  New "Sales by Master Account"  report available.  This report will only be visible if you have enabled the Master Account settings in the Management Module.    

11.  Misc. bug and UI fixes and updates.

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