Release Notes: November 11, 2015

An update was released to all systems. 

  1. Added some UI elements during reconciliation to make it easier to view when many payments are present.
  2. Corrected some issues where in-store credit was incorrectly showing up on some customer statements.
  3. Corrected an issue where Estimate Pricing Options wouldn't properly update in some rare circumstances.
  4. Added new functionality to allow users to have more custom control over how material waste is calculated into their retail pricing.  Since material waste is only calculated if the layout manager is used, this setting can be adjusted on each machine by visiting:  Management Module > Machines > Select respective machine > Layout Manager tab > Check the "Custom Waste Calculation" box.
  5. Updated some visual elements in the Layout Manager during order entry to be more clear.
  6. Corrected a sales tax rounding error that occurred in rare instances that would cause sales tax to be off by a penny requiring manual correction.
  7. Corrected a problem that occurred sometimes when converting an estimate to an order where some of the products were in a cancelled state and not coming over as voided on the order.
  8. Added the ability to show inactive tax agencies and reactivate if necessary.
  9. Added the ability to put a custom message or instructions that can appear on modifiers during order entry.  To activate navigate to:  Management Module > Modifiers > Navigate to desired modifier > Check "include Modifier Message".  After entering the message and saving, a new icon will appear next to that modifier name during order entry.  When the user hovers over the icon, the message will appear.
  10. Corrected an issue where an order would not get marked as CLOSED when voiding a product on an order where all other products where already in a Completed status.
  11. Added new filters for the Customer Statement Bulk report so a center can now filter customer statements by both Location and Salesperson. 
  12. Added the ability to choose the order that modifiers appear on parts during order entry.  This can be accomplished by visiting:  Management Module > Parts > Navigate to respective part or part group > Modifiers tab > adjust the order of associated modifiers by clicking on the green arrows on the left.
  13. Corrected an issue that sometimes prevented products from being voided by the user from the WIP queue.
  14. Added restrictions throughout the application to prevent bad characters from being entered by the user causing errors or undesired results.
  15. Added several minor UI adjustments throughout the application.
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