Release Notes: November 30, 2015

An update was released to all systems. 

  1. Fixed a bug where a modifier couldn't be unlocked in some conditions.
  2. Fixed a bug where the salesperson filter on the queues would sometimes return incorrect results.
  3. Corrected a rounding issue that sometimes occurred when overriding a price.
  4. Fixed a bug where a payment greater than the amount due was occasionally allowed to be applied to an order resulting in a negative balance due.
  5. Fixed a bug where a modifier message, if applicable, was not being shown in all instances.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused designers to be reset when updating all product statuses in the design module.
  7. For systems with multiple locations, added the ability to import created tax groups from one location to the other.
  8. Updated some datatypes that will now allow for larger quantities during order entry.
  9. Fixed a bug that prevented a user from being disabled in some circumstances.
  10. Updated several small interface items.
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