Release Notes: Aug. 25th, 2014

An update was pushed to all CoreBridge Systems. This update included the following items:

1)  Added new functionality surrounding your outgoing email domain options.  You can now have a custom outgoing email domain that is different than your custom system domain.  Please see the Custom Outgoing Email Domain support article for more details.

2)  Functionality to allow for Personalized Outgoing Email Addresses has now been added.  When enabled, this feature will allow outgoing emails to be sent from the user's email address that sends the email rather than always going from the system default email address.  Please see the Personalized Outgoing Email Addresses support article for more details

3)  Search feature added to Inventory Items in the Purchasing Module.

4)  On outgoing emails, the "To" box will now automatically search users (employees) emails for quick add as well as the respective customer's contacts.  

5)  Additional interface enhancements and bug fixes.  

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