Release Notes: January 6, 2016

An update was released to all systems. 

  1. Some updates were made to the deposit slip to avoid some duplication that was occurring in some instances.
  2. A new option was added for users using the lump data sync to QuickBooks that allows more selection of what data gets synced across.
  3. Corrected an issue where a user could mark a check that has already been refunded as having been returned from the bank as non-sufficient funds.
  4. Corrected an issue when canceling individual product line items on an estimate that sometimes caused an error.
  5. Corrected an issue with the layout manager where cuts would sometimes be calculated incorrectly when the product qty was changed.
  6. Corrected a rounding issue that occasionally occurred when the custom machine waste calculations were in use.
  7. Made an adjustment so that a New Order email notification is no longer sent to a customer when a completed order has been edited (voided and cloned).  
  8. Upon manual addition of in-store credit to an inactive customer, the customer will now automatically be marked as active.
  9. Orders and estimates shown in the Quick Search window will now be ordered based on their created date.
  10. Increased the character limit on customer properties for parts and modifiers to 700 characters instead of 255.  
  11. Corrected an issue where customers requiring a PO were not being prompted in some instances.
  12. Corrected an issue that occurred in a specific set of circumstances when voiding an order assigned to the "walk-in" customer account where any payments applied were being allowed to be assigned to in-store credit.  This will no longer be possible.
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