Release Notes: September 1st, 2014

An update was pushed to all CoreBridge Systems. This update included the following items:

  1. New feature enabling the ability to easily create multiple quantity pricing options on estimates.  This feature is available to all CoreBridge packages when creating and managing estimates.  For further details please review the support article:  Providing Estimates with Multiple Quantity Options.
  2. A new report has been added under the Customers / Receivables section in the report module titled "Customers By Created Date".  This report allows you to generate a list of customers created during a specified date range.
  3. A new Royalty report has been released.  This Royalty report changes the way the report was previously generated in order to prevent some of the earlier problems that were encountered.  Now a dedicated batching process automatically occurs nightly to aggregate the data needed for the Royalty report to properly run.  This process means that any changes made to the Royalty report settings or data won't be reflected in the report until the following day, after the batching process has successfully run.  
  4. Additional Email Placeholders have been added allowing for adding data related to the logged-in user.  These new placeholders, along with the pre-existing ones can be viewed when editing the default outgoing emails found by navigating to:  Management Module > Customers > Communication > click View Placeholders to the right of the email edit view.  The new placeholders are found under the Category dropdown "Logged-In User" and will always reference the user that is logged-in and performing the action.
  5. Outgoing Email Placeholders now work in the email subject line.  Previously they only worked in the body of the email.
  6. Additional outgoing email templates are now available to manage the default emails for manually sending a customer statement (found under the Email Statement button) and manually sending the customer login information for the Customer Portal (found under the Customer Login button).   These new email templates are found by navigating to:  Management Module > Customers > Communication. 
  7. Added ability to update Customer Billing Address from Step 3 of Order/Estimate Entry.
  8. Minor bug fixes and interface enhancements.
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