Release Notes: May 26, 2016

An update was released to all systems.

  1. Added the CC and BCC option to all outgoing emails.
  2. Added new Sales reports and Estimate Conversion report.  Find these new reports in the Report Module > Sales > Sales Reports tab (new) & Estimate Reports tab (new).  These new sections were added to aid in finding reports as more estimate and sales reports are added.
  3. Added an HTML rich text editor available on all outgoing emails.  This is available on both the templates in the Management Module as well as when the outgoing email editor is triggered.  
  4. Corrected a bug where on some occasions order and product notes would transfer on a clone when they shouldn't.  
  5. Corrected a problem that occurred when trying to pay an invoice with a large in-store credit.
  6. Corrected a bug that some times occurred when updating due dates using the "update all" functionality on an order.
  7. Corrected a time saving bug that occasionally occurred on calendars where the time would shift by a period of time.
  8. Corrected an issue with the printed deposit slip where occasionally some of the cash received was not showing correctly. 
  9. Corrected an issue with the filter functions on queues where after it automatically refreshed, some of the data would not properly show
  10. Character input limits were increased on custom properties for parts and modifiers.
  11. Online Credit Card transactions will now show the last four digits of the card in the interface.  
  12. Corrected several bugs related to use of the metric system.
  13. Updated several reports to better export to Excel.
  14. Corrected an issue that caused the customer portal link to break in some email clients.
  15. Updated some alert functionality to correct inconsistencies in determining when an alert would be triggered.
  16. Corrected a bug related to the queue filter to adjust # of items to display.  
  17. Corrected a bug where when searching for payments some relevant results were not being properly displayed. 
  18. Corrected a bug that caused parts to be incorrectly filtered after switching parts during order edit.
  19. Corrected an issue where email auto-filling of address info wasn't working correctly when launching from search page.
  20. Corrected an error where the number of new customers created was occasionally not showing any values on Company-wide sales tab.
  21. Corrected several issues related to addresses with no validation turned on.  
  22. Several UI issues were cleaned up to work across multiple browsers.
  23. Several minor bug fixes.
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