Release Notes: June 26, 2016

An update was released to all systems.

  1. Corrected an issue where the Alerts relating to New Order and Edit Order were not working correctly in some instances.
  2. Corrected an issue where a customers taxable status was not able to be changed after a specific series of events.
  3. Corrected an issue where the order contact was sometimes being dropped on an address change.  
  4. Added some additional functionality to outgoing emails to properly handle HTML tags.
  5. All reports will now look at currency code setting in Management Module to display proper currency.
  6. Added new setting to determine how Queues maintain their settings throughout the application.  This new setting can be found by navigating to Management Module > Global Settings > Production Setting > Queues tab > Queue Filter Settings.
  7. Corrected several UI issues related to Metric settings throughout the application.
  8. Added new API user for logging all API calls to help with clarity.
  9. Added significant UI updates to the Customer Portal to make it easier for the end-users to navigate and search in Customer Portal.
  10. Added the ability for end-users to now filter orders and estimates in the Customer Portal by Order Contact.
  11. Added a Payment Due Date to the invoice.
  12. Corrected an error that sometimes occurred when changing the customer on an existing order.
  13. Corrected an issue when grouping parts that caused units to be converted improperly.
  14. Added the Order Contact and Phone # to now appear on the Packing Slip.
  15. Corrected an issue where product notes would occasionally be included in clone when they were not supposed to be.
  16. Disabled the "Enter" button when the Cloning modal is up to prevent accidental cloning an order/estimate before the user intended.
  17. Corrected an error that sometimes occurred when creating a new customer from the order create screen.
  18. Corrected an issue when printing directly from the queues.
  19. Corrected some currency display issues throughout the application based on the currency settings of the application.
  20. Corrected alerts related to the client file upload notification not showing properly.
  21. Corrected some viewing issues with the email pop-ups that sometimes occurred.
  22. Corrected some UI issues related to the Layout Manager.
  23. Using the "Update All Products" functionality to void an order will not prompt for a refund if payments have been applied.
  24. Corrected an issue where the part labor level was occasionally not being properly saved on Quick Products.
  25. Corrected an issue were custom properties on a part or modifier would sometimes mishandle a check box or text box.
  26. Corrected an issue where items showing for potential refund would incorrectly show checks that were previously marked as NSF.
  27. Corrected an issue where customer analytics would sometimes not display.
  28. Modified the Queues to better handle large number of items.
  29. Several minor UI enhancements and bug fixes.
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