Release Notes: July 17, 2016

An update was released to all systems.

  1. When adding files through the file management add-on, the user will now be able to upload and manage files from a modal rather than a new window.  This is the first of several improvements to come with this feature in the near future.
  2. Corrected an issue with the free-form validation that occurred when creating new customers from the create estimate page.
  3. Added a new filter to the destination queues to allow for filtering by salesperson.  
  4. When customers place a re-order through the customer portal, new orders will always have the assigned salesperson updated to the currently assigned salesperson rather than the same as the previous order.  
  5. Added a new Accounts Receivable Aging by Salesperson report that will separate the AR's by salesperson.  
  6. Added a new Customer Payments report that shows payments received for a given date range.
  7. Corrected an issue that sometimes prevented drop downs from properly populating in Firefox.
  8. Corrected a UI issue where the Address info tab would sometimes appear blank after a product status change.
  9. Corrected some issues with the test pricing functionality that caused the default measurement units to show incorrectly.
  10. Corrected an issue where the product status override functionality would sometimes still prevent product statuses from being updated after being enabled.  
  11. Added additional currency updates throughout system to better support foreign currencies.  
  12. Corrected an issue where the Estimate follow up date was not being recalculated on a cloned estimate.  
  13. Corrected an issue that would sometimes occur when a customer was attempting to upload a file through the customer portal while using Internet Explorer.
  14. Corrected some issues the prevented the email preview from sometimes displaying correctly in the management module > Customer communication section.
  15. Added a new button when cloning titled "Clone and Edit" that when pressed will now clone the selected order or estimate and take the user directly into edit mode.
  16. Added some additional warning messages during order edit to help better inform users as to what changes may occur during an edit.
  17. Consolidated the "Parts in a Group" and "Parts not in a Group" reports to one report named "Part Details".
  18. Corrected an issue where the conversion dates were not being properly set that would occasionally occur when converting an estimate to an order by using the product status changes.
  19. Corrected an issue where the time stamp on some product notes was being incorrectly displayed.  
  20. Added the ability to update the substatus from the "Update All" modal on the order view page.
  21. Corrected an issue where a modifier would sometimes be incorrectly duplicated when using a quick product.
  22. Various UI updates and minor bug fixes throughout.  
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