Release Notes: Aug 15, 2016

An update was released to all systems.

  1. Corrected a bug related to adding customer address settings when the free-form validation setting is enabled.  
  2. Corrected a bug related to the display of phone numbers in several areas when the free-form validation setting is enabled.  
  3. Corrected a bug in queues that occurred when an excessive amount of data was trying to be returned.  
  4. Updated default measurement for metric system to be centimeters (cm) during order entry. 
  5. Corrected an issue when clicking the override price link that only displayed two decimals.  
  6. Corrected an issue that sometimes would occur where part filters were being retained from previous searches but not shown, resulting in limited results.
  7. For systems using the lump sum data sync to their accounting software, custom accounts can now be edited and managed through the accounting export page.
  8. Added an option that allows for the automatic sending of a PDF invoice to the customer once an order has been marked completed.  To enable this option navigate to:  Management Module > Customers > Communication > Order Completed email, and check the "Include Invoice PDF with e-mail" checkbox option. 
  9. Corrected a bug that prevented users from selecting 12pm as an estimate follow up time. 
  10. Corrected an issue where systems with international date formats were not having their product queues sorting correctly.
  11. For systems with "Destinations" turned on, when cloning and order or estimate, the destination date will now automatically be set to the new order due date.
  12. For systems with "Destinations" turned on, a new Built Queue will be visible in the production module.  This queue will group all destinations, regardless of destination type, in a single queue with filters to search by type if desired.  
  13. Added new functionality to update part values and settings in bulk by pasting updated values from a CSV/Excel file.  To access, navigate to:  Management Module > Parts > Bulk Update Grid.
  14. Corrected some display issues related to payments made by customers through the Customer Portal.
  15. Corrected an issue where layout modifiers were sometimes being incorrectly ignored.
  16. Enhanced the display of online credit card transactions to give more payment details.  Payment history will now always include payment type and last 4 digits.  Example:  Visa - 4532.  This update will also affect the payment transaction block on invoices.
  17. Added a new report titled "Invoice Summary" to the Company/Financial reports section.
  18. Added new export friendly option to various sales reports that will include the company address, order contact phone number and email address.
  19. Added a visual marker on the "Detail Order View" modal that indicates if an income account override or price override has occurred and on which part.
  20. Corrected some international currency display issues for purchase orders.
  21. Corrected an issue where time stamps on alerts were sometimes not being displayed properly.
  22. Updates to the sales goal chart formatting to make it easier to read.
  23. Added new functionality of Customer Flags.  A customer flag is a special kind of note that when added, will appear to the user when creating an estimate or order.  To create a Customer Flag, navigate to:  Sales Module > Customers > Search > Search for and select desired customer > Notes & Flags tab > Click on "Add a Flag".
  24. Several UI updates throughout the system.
  25. Several updates to better support international systems.
  26. Several minor bug fixes.  
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