Release Notes: September 14, 2016

An update was released to all systems.

  1. Added Indian Rupee as a currency option and related functionality.
  2. Added the ability to right click on the "View Estimate" link from the Estimate Search page to have the Estimate open in a new tab. 
  3. Added the ability to reorder custom properties on pricing templates.  This is done through the management module when setting up the template.
  4. Updated functionality pertaining to the "update all" option.  This change mainly pertains to the way the update was processed.  Orders with multiple products will now see this update the products much faster than previously.
  5. For systems with multiple locations, made an adjustment to walk-in customer so that tax group and sales center is more likely to be correct by default without needing adjustment as often.
  6. Corrected a rounding issue that occurred only for systems with Destinations enabled where product quantities were split between multiple destinations.
  7. Corrected an issue that sometimes occurred when the cost type for a custom property was different than the associated part.  
  8. Corrected an issue that prevented an order status from properly updating in some circumstances.
  9. Corrected an issue when free form validation is turned on that will no longer restrict the number of characters that can be entered.  
  10. For systems with multiple locations, corrected an issue that prevented the assigned sales center from being changed, when allowed.  Orders with a down payment attached will still not be able to change assigned sales center.  
  11. For systems with Destinations enabled, adjusted the Quick Search modal to more clearly display status options.  
  12. Corrected an issue where an alert could sometimes go to the wrong person if the salesperson assigned to the order was different than the current user.
  13. Corrected an issue where the customers grace period, for those that are on account, was not being properly calculated.
  14. Updated Customer Portal code related to the viewing of product proofs so that the proofs are always loaded real time rather than cached locally.  This update ensures a customer will always see the latest proof available.
  15. Made some adjustments to the way contacts are deleted, deactivated and reactivated to make it more intuitive and user friendly.  
  16. Made some adjustments to how Quick Search results are displayed to make it more intuitive.  
  17. Made some adjustments to the gutter setting on the Layout Manager to help it self adjust to associated setting changes.
  18. When merging customers, any associated stored credit cards will also be reassigned.  
  19. Several UI enhancements and adjustments.
  20. Several minor bug fixes.
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