Release Notes: October 5th, 2014

An update was released to All CoreBridge Systems:


List of updates:

1. Invoice and Estimate layout was adjusted to better display the "Bill To" address for both the standard single and standard double window envelopes.  The Company address has also been reformatted to better fit inside the return address or top window of a standard double window envelope.  

2. Minor UI Updates

3. Minor bug fixes

1 Comment

When the contact name or email is longer, the phone number splits and part of it goes to the next line. That just doesn't make sense and doesn't read correctly.

The "Order By" info seems like it is an after thought of information, when it really is a main portion of an order/estimate. Even putting "Ordered By" in bold like the "Installed" and "Bill To" would help the info stand out better. 

Lastly, maybe this is just on ours, but our address is oddly placed in comparison to the logo and our contact numbers. I also don't see why the store's main email address couldn't be included with the contact numbers. 

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