Release Notes: Jan 19, 2015

An Update was released to all CoreBridge Systems.

System Updates & Enhancements

  1. Quick Product Categories will now appear alphabetically.
  2. When in any Queue, if a Product Status dropdown is disabled, a flag will appear giving the user additional details as to why it is disabled.
  3. Order View Updates:
    a.  Added the ability to Add or Edit a Purchase Order number to an order directly from the Order View page without having to edit.  There will be a link on all orders next to the Invoice number at the top of the page.  If no PO exists it will say "add PO", if a PO is currently assigned it will say "edit" next to the PO number.
    b.  Added the ability to easily change the assigned contact on an Order or Estimate from the Order View screen.  Click on the Order Contact tab, then on the top right above the contact card you will see a link that says "Change Order Contact".
  4. Added warning to user when trying to email an estimate to customer if any of the products are in an ESTIMATE: Estimate status, as products in this status will not appear to customers in their customer portal.  Please read this article for additional information.
  5. Added a history logging event  when two customer accounts get merged.
  6. Any In-Store Credit on a customer's account will now appear on their Customer Statement.
  7. Accounts Receivable Aging Detail reports now have additional display options when generating the report to show Deposits and Credits separately.  Previously they were forced to always be displayed together.
  8. Accounts Receivable Aging Detail by Customer report will now show the Billing Contact information for each company as well as a summary total for each company grouped by number of days late.
  9. All payments are treated as Master Payments going forward.  This will help prevent problems that sometimes occurred when payments later needed to be partially refunded or split up differently.  It will also allow for more fluid syncing with QuickBooks.
  10. Better notes when overpayments are created.
  11. Updates for the way in-store credit payments are displayed on the reconciliation to make it easier to trace the source.
  12. Payment editing was completely overhauled to reduce errors and be more intuitive to the user.  
  13. Reconciliation display updates to more easily show payment details and related information.  On the transaction detail modal, hover over the magnifying glass under "Details" to show additional information for each payment.
  14. Voiding or Editing an order that results in a new balance that is less than any payment applied will now force the user to choose how to handle the extra money through a refund or applying to In-Store Credit.  Previously the balance would automatically be applied to In-Store Credit sometimes resulting in confusion or extra steps to refund the money.  
  15. Minor UI enhancements and Bug fixes.  

New Features

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts have been added for faster navigation and access to common functions.  Please read this article for more detailed information.
  2. A new global Quick Search tool has been added for faster searching and quick access to common needs.  Please read this article for more detailed information.
  3. Added the ability to group previous reconciliations to easily get aggregate results.  Please read this article for more detailed information.

QuickBooks Sync Tool Updates

  1. Added ability to turn the QB preferences check step off (Not recommended).
  2. Fix where Credit Memo's for voided orders with high quantity amounts (>2000) where not being properly handled.
  3. Customers marked as Tax Exempt will sync across as "non" taxed customers.
  4. Fix for hard failure that occurred when an Accountants Copy was outstanding.
  5. Corrected an issue that sometimes occurred when syncing an invoice that had been edited while previously in a closed status.
  6. Corrected an issue where some users lost their sync tool settings when upgrading to a newer version.
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