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I have a product called photo licensing where the price is entered manually as licensed images vary in cost. Doing so does not allow a note to be added to show the customer licensing info. I know there is a part description section but that is only for in house use (attached image).  Has anyone run into this situation and how do you show a long note to the customer?

Hi Tony,

I apologize for the delayed response, but there is a way to enter this product with the specified Part Notes: Quick Products.

First, you'll want to go into Quick Price or Estimate/Order entry and enter the part like you normally would for an order, making sure that the info is typed in the Part Notes field.

Then, once the part is entered how you want it to start every time, you can save it as a Quick Product. 

Whenever you need to use this product again, instead of entering it from scratch, you can simply add the Quick Product version of it and it will be all filled out for you. 

Here are some Support Articles to show this process and how to manage them: 

Review 4: Creating Quick Products

Managing Quick Products

Please let us know if you have any other questions about this!



CoreBridge Support

Is there a way to have the info typed into the note field stay everytime you add that product?

Tony, you should be able to enable the Part Notes field in the pricing template you are using. There will be a standard property called Part Notes that you can click to enable on the pricing template.

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