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why can't there be phone support from corebridge?

I pay for a service I should be able to talk to a person when I have an issue. 

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I understand there are times when phone support is desirable. In fact, there are times when we do reach out over the phone. However, 99% of our issues are quickly resolved without needing to tie up our customers in such a manner. One of the great advantages of a cloud solution like CoreBridge is that we have access to your system just like you!

We continually review the support we offer, and every month or two ask ourselves about the idea of phone support. It would not surprise me if we offered a premium support tier in 2017 that would include phone support. But I don't see it being a standard because it costs much more to offer and we really try to keep our costs down to offer the lowest prices possible for our customers. If you would be interested in a premium support package with phone support, I would like to add your name to a list for management to discuss this option with.


John D.

Customer Support


I completely understand what you are saying, and understand why you handle it that way.  I'd like to make a suggestion for people who have migrated recently.  There should be a 30-60 day period when I can pick up the phone.  Here is why:

I just converted on 1/3/17.  So I'm trying to deal with new customers, previous customers, putting old bills into the new system, etc.

Running into a simple snag (which I just ran into), can take an hour or two to get a return email....simple thing, how can I override the deposit.....I've searched it, looked everywhere and somehow I'm missing it....and now I've wasted 20 minutes of my time, with no answer still...thats how I found the forums :(

I've run into a lot of these simple issues this week that someone can answer in 15 seconds, but I have to come back to the problem later...which is killing me.


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We hear you! We'd like to be available to help quickly with small issues, which is why we're still working on getting our Support process structured to where we can open Chat functionality back up.

We have plans in the near future to allow our customers to be able to start a chat with a Support member and have their small questions answered quickly without the need for waiting for an email.

You can look for this in a future release!


Customer Support

Hey all!

Just wanted to inform you that CoreBridge Support Chat is available again! 

We apologize for the wait due to a switch in providers, but you should be able to see this capability within the Support Portal. Please note that you will need to be logged into the Support Portal in order to Chat with an agent. 



Customer Support

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