Release Notes: December 5, 2016

An update was released to all systems. This list includes any new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and defect fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions regarding any of the items listed within the release notes please contact our support department for assistance.

Updates and Changes

  • The ability to customize your estimate, invoice, and statements has been expanded. Please refer to this article for details on these changes: view article.
  • The User Time Tracking tables in the Management Module have been further optimized to better handle large quantities of data.
  • Part Amount Needed report can now group results by Part or by Order. 
  • The Estimate Activity/Conversion report now includes the amount of each estimate.
  • Added a new report in the Customers/Receivables report section called Customer In-Store Credit. 
  • This report shows current in-store credit balances for customers.
  • Updated Survey Advantage reporting.
  • Provided the ability to automatically CC/BCC logged in user on outgoing customer communications.
  • Provided the option to CC the billing contact on the outgoing emails for; Email Invoice, Order Completed, and Payment Due. 
  • Added a new report in the Customer/Receivables report section called Customers by Master Account. This report will let you see what companies are associated and linked to master accounts.
  • Changes were made to the way Product Notes are managed. Creating and viewing notes are now done in the same window.

Additional Resolutions

  • Resolved some issues on the "View Order Details" where costs and layout modifiers were not being shown properly.
  • Made a change to Deposit Slips so they no longer show refunds.
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed Time Zone on time entries was showing MST rather than the assigned time zone for the user. 
  • Made changes to report loading so that large reports will not time out when loading. 
  • Resolved an issue on grouped reconciliations where the Income Summary details were not being populated.
  • Resolved an issue when adding a Quick Product with Enhanced Pricing would cause the quick price to replace the first product.
  • Resolved an issue when adding a UK Address the system was requiring the state/province to be added. 
  • Resolved issues when using free-form phone numbers would still default to the North American standard format.
  • Resolved an issue where auto-generated PO emails in some cases were not pulling in the proper text as set up in the Management Module. 
  • Resolved an issue when updating a Company Name and creating a new order would trigger the name to revert back to the prior name.
  • Resolved an issue where updating the Product Status names in the Management Module was not being saved properly.
  • Additional minor bug fixes

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