Release Notes: February 6, 2017

An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and defect fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance through our support site here or by emailing


New Features

  • Part Minimums - This feature has limited availability, if you do not see it in your system please contact support for more information. Part Minimums allow you to set minimum retail thresholds for each individual part in your system.  These can be configured in Management Module > Parts > Part Settings. [Video] [Support Article]

  • Part Setup Fees This feature has limited availability, if you do not see it in your system please contact support for more information. Part Setup Fees allow you to implement retail setup fees on the Part Group level.  These can be configured in Management Module > Parts. [Video] [Support Article]

  • Persistent Sub-status - Allow sub-statuses to persist upon product status change (if the sub-status is available).  This can be enabled by checking the option in Management Module > Global Settings > Product Status > Substatus. [Video] [Support Article]

Updates and Changes

  • Search Feature - Added the ability to filter by date range for time clock entries on the User Preferences page.  Pagination was also added to allow employees to cycle through their entire history.

  • Alert - Added alert support for mobile phone provider, Cricket Wireless.

  • Customer Flag Pop-up - Customer flags will now display when creating a new order (as a pop-up window on Step 1 of order entry) and when cloning an order (within the clone order pop-up window).

  • Screen Resolution - User interface enhancements to better utilize space when using higher resolution monitors.

QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration

  • QuickBooks Sync - When syncing, if a journal entry already exists in QuickBooks with the same identification, users will now receive an error and be prompted to update the existing journal entry identification in QuickBooks.

    For example, if CB-Rec-1021 already exists in QuickBooks but CoreBridge needs to sync CB-Rec-1021, the existing journal entry will NOT be overridden.

    Users will need to update the identification on the existing journal entry in QuickBooks and then run the sync again. This change is to prevent users from accidentally overwriting journal entries they or their bookkeepers may have added manually in QuickBooks but neglected to adjust the identification on.

  • Reconciliation Update - "No Change" CoreBridge Reconciliations (periods without any payments or sales) will now sync to QuickBooks.  In order to handle this, we must create a journal entry with a minimum of 2 lines.  Accounts Receivable will be used with $0 values on two separate lines.  We recommend NOT performing a CoreBridge Reconciliation if there are no changes. 

Additional Resolutions

  1. Corrected an issue with the product notes popup window that allowed users to inadvertently close the window.
  2. Line returns (carriage returns) will now properly display when viewing Product Notes.
  3. Resolved an issue where the product substatus of "None" was not allowed to be selected if another substatus had previously been selected. 
  4. Corrected an issue where customers on credit terms that required down payment kept validation locked after payment had been received.
  5. Corrected an issue where triggering a "Void & Clone" was not properly retaining voided product line status on clone.

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