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Customers Sharing the Same Email

How can I add new customers to an existing company when they all share the same email.  If I put in a fake email, our designer will sometimes not catch it and send the art proof to a non existent address.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Thank you,

Anna Moore

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Currently, there isn't a way to add multiple contacts to the same company that share an email address. 

The reason behind this is that the email address is the key identifier for customer portal access, and multiple entries of the same email address for a single customer can cause issues.

Some centers who run into the issue you're describing will keep only one generic contact with the correct email for the company and place all other contact details, like name and phone number, under the Order Notes section of the order they're associated with. There is a Mark As Important checkbox which causes an exclamation mark to appear above the Notes section to draw attention to it



Jon H

Customer Support

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