Release Notes (CoreBridge QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool Version: September 20, 2017

An update was released to the CoreBridge QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool.  This update applies to you if you are using QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and are using our CoreBridge QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool.

You should be prompted to update your Sync Tool the next time you attempt to sync.  You can also download the latest version of the sync tool directly from your CoreBridge system here: Accounting > Accounting Export > Download Desktop Client.  [Screenshot]

Note: Some users may be prompted to update their Microsoft .NET Framework to version 4.6.1 or later.  This is a requirement with the latest sync tool update:

You can download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 [Here]. You can download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 [Here]. Either of the above versions will work fine.  You do NOT need both.


Important: Please remember, when performing a sync: QuickBooks should be open in single-user mode. All windows and transactions should be closed in QuickBooks.


Warning: Performing the sync in multi-user mode or with open windows or transactions may cause significant issues.

Updates and Changes - Full Export:

  • A new option has been added to the sync tool to allow tax agency liabilities to sync as line items on an invoice. [Support Article]
  • Added additional European character support.

Updates and Changes - Lump Export:

  • Fixed an issue with Journal Entry syncing where taxes were being associated to the first available vendor in QuickBooks instead of the proper default of "CoreBridge Import" customer.

Updates and Changes - Sync Tool:

  • Although the sync tool is now certified with Microsoft®, users may still receive a warning message when updating to the newest tool.  Choose "More Options" and Run Anyway to install.  Depending on your default web browser, the interface for "More Options" may appear differently: [Example Screenshot]