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Internal Estimate Approval

I'm looking for a way to securely approve estimates, and TRACK that approval,  BEFORE they are delivered to the client.  Has anyone conquered this workflow question?  I could write a note on the estimate, but ANYONE could write a note on the estimate.  I would be happy to use a status, but there's no Internal Status selection.  I'm looking for a solution for an ESTIMATE similar to Product Notes that tracks WHO made the note and when they made the note (see attached)

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Hi Lynn,

Thank you for contacting CoreBridge Support.

The best option will be to set up a substatus.  You can find that option by going to Management Module > Global Settings > Product Status.

This will allow you to create substatuses for estimates that will enable you to track approval:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Have a great day!



Chris H.


Customer Support

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