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One Page Management Activity/ Productivity Report

I've asked for this before and am hoping you will consider this.  As an owner I spend a considerable amount of time checking what happened for a particular time frame- day(s), week(s), month(s), etc. and I need to easily pull up on one report the pulse of what it going on in my shop.  I spend most of my day out visiting customers so currently I have to manually count up by hard copy or the eye test, open multiple reports and still cannot get a report that tells me that my staff is proficient or not.   I want to easily find out the productivity of my employees and be able to compare who's slacking off and who has high work production, design, estimates, etc.  I'd like to see the payments received and by whom and the amount of the deposit(s).  

The ideal report would have all of this info on one page.  In my former work life we used a report like this to monitor the overall production and activity of the business.  This company was a Fortune Top 25 company and we had the highest productivity per man hour in the industry.  This gave us the tools to easily monitor what's going on in our business.

Another benefit would be that we could easily compare productivity between each location and find out why and how to improve your productivity.

I hope you will consider this.  I like Corebridge for the tools you have right now but there are really few tools that assist in managing the business.

So, from the lack of you response this topic is not an important feature to you.

Pretty much.  From experience, any suggestion we have for a feature that would make a certain task more efficient, is seemingly put on "the list" of feature requests.  We never actually receive notification of the results of that suggestion, or possible workarounds.  It's quite frustrating to say the least.  Apparently if the people designing Corebridge don't understand how it would help, they don't take it seriously.  I find that puzzling seeing as how all of us in field collectively input more data into their system than they ever will.  So if we have a feature request, it's for a very practical reason that helps us out, not them.

Hi Scott and Eric,

I would like to express my apologies that your request was not found or addressed sooner. 

You can use the Company-Wide Totals as a quick reference rather than pulling a report. This will allow you to see at a glance throughout the day what is being done with the order in your system. It also has broken into quick reference time periods: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year.

If this doesn't work please let me know so I can submit this as a feature request for you on a separate ticket so that Development team can look into adding that into future updates of CoreBridge.


Jonelen Y.

Customer Support

That report is limited to one aspect. It doesn't work.  I want to be able to look at one report that has for a designated time period with the following:



each employee productivity by completion

daily deposits & by whom

estimates & invoices created & by whom

accounts receivable total

If I had to do this under the current conditions it would take me a considerable amount of time.

all on one or two pages.

That's a great suggestion and would certainly give you all data in a summarized view type of format. You see this pretty often with some of the Business Intelligence (BI) tools that allow you to create customized reports, dashboards, business scorecards, etc. I'll pass on your thoughts to our product development team for review to see if we can get this type thing added to our development roadmap either through a tool you can use or just via a static report.

Although we would love to implement every feature that provides benefit, as with most businesses we have a finite amount of resources thus we aren't always able to add in everything that is requested.

If you'd like to learn more about our process of reviewing and deciding on feature requests, please review this article.


Jon Howard

I know something like this is complicated and I appreciate your comments.  I was a franchise advisory board member for 3 years and it's clear that the upper management of our franchise and your company are more interested in increasing the enrollment than creating functionally as a management tool. I don't know if SBT benefits from Corebridge for the numbers enrolled but I felt SBT was soft on getting our requests taken care of.  Right now there are virtually no unique reports that I cant duplicate in Quickbooks.  Don't get me wrong, I like what Corebridge does for pricing and identifying the steps in design, production & installation but these are tools used mostly by employees and what I would not consider management tools.  My location was one of the first SBTs to convert to CB and I've been talking about this missing tool since 2013.  Face to face with Shawn, emails, and at least a couple times in suggestions. All I'm asking for is a tool that will help me run by business better.  This would put CB way ahead of the curve rather than being a step above quickbooks.    

 We relied very heavily on the SignVox customer reports and transaction reports that we could build by selecting the fields we needed to see on a report. The reports created in SignVox could be exported into Excel and sorted or filtered allowing us to drill down and focus on everything pertinent to the business.  CoreBridge does not have the functionality  to build a report with detail needed.   Because of the formatting on the reports available, they cannot be sorted and manipulated.

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Just converted and I am VERY disappointed in the reporting feature of CB.  Takes forever to go select one report at a time, generate, print.  Why can there not be a "Group" reporting feature where we could create a group, check off the reports we want and be done??? 

In Cyrious, at the end of the day, that report set was invaluable.  If Cyrious could manage this, why can't Corebridge?   FRUSTRATED

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