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How Long to Setup & Implement CoreBridge - for a commercial printer

Thankfully, I paid for the training. A month in with calls 3 days a week and I still can't do a quote. It's taking forever to set up. The offset presses seam very clunky. Little things take forever like pricing a Flyer that is Process Color over Black. It just doesn't work smooth.... How long did it take before you got things the way you like it?



Did they have a starting point for you to work with?  I know for our sign shop, they had a preset system they gave to us to then edit.  Same with our quick print side.  I'd think they'd have some preset options available on the commercial print side as well.

It came preloaded. I quickly realized that much of it was no good. 

Hey Patrick,

I am one of the trainers at CoreBridge. I know your post is mostly looking for feedback from the community, but I'd like to talk with you to discuss the setup further. I'll join the training session you have scheduled later this week. 

Look forward to speaking with you. 



CoreBridge Training

If I don't like today's answer about raising prices, I'm going to drop CoreBridge. 

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