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Production Reports - On-time Orders by Built Date Report - What data calculates AVG Days in WIP

Order Created Date to Built Date?

Hi Thomas,

You are correct. The Average Days in WIP property is calculated by measuring the distance between the Order Created Date and the Built Date. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions about this!


Jon H

Customer Support

So, if the order due date is updated to reflect variables in response from client, proofing scheduling of install etc. The new order due date and the date it is marked built does not negatively impact the on-time order reort correct. Also, if the order status is built but the client fails to pick it up is that a negative impact on the on-time order report. We have been leaving those orders for pick up in that status and marking them completed when actually picked up but they keep showing up in red in the built que.  

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