Release Notes: August 27th, 2018

An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance through our support site here or by emailing

Deposit Required % added to Estimates and Orders

  • You now have the ability to specify a global Deposit Required % for Estimates & Orders.
  • In addition, you can override the % of Deposit Required on the individual Estimate or Order. 
  • Learn more about this feature by visiting this article.

New Payment Term Options

  • Payment Upon Completion
    • Payment is due as soon as the order status is marked Completed and are considered past due at this point.
    • This payment term functions just like CASH Customers except that the down payment requirement is ignored.

  • Net 7 
    • Payment is Due 7 days from the Completed Date. 
    • This option functions the same as Net 30, except that the time period is only 7 days, instead of 30.  
      For example:
      • Order is Completed on May 7, payment due date is May 14
      • Order is Completed on April 28, payment due date is May 4

  • Following 20th
    • Payment is due on the 20th day of the month following the Completed Date on the order. 
    • This payment term uses different logic than any other payment terms for determining the payment due date.  Instead of calculating the number of days from completion, this payment term uses the month the order was completed, then sets the payment due the following month on the 20th day.
      For example:
      • Order is completed on May 7, payment is due on June 20
      • Order is completed on May 21, payment is due on June 20

General Fixes / Issues

  • Corrected an issue with the Sales by Order Origination Detail report whereby in some instances the Order Origination column was appearing blank.
  • Resolved an issue where the Built Queue upon refresh doubled, tripled, etc. the shadow that appears behind the numbers that display next to each choice (Estimates, Estimates In Design, etc.) in the sub-navigation bar.