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Customer Estimate Approvals...

We try to not do any design work prior to getting a deposit but in some cases this does not always work. In those cases we will do a design so we can come to a cost proposal to the customer, which they would like to see the design also. We load it into CB and change status to Waiting for Customer Approval. Which is great, the customer gets the design in the portal (with associated cost) where we can receive feedback, or get an approval. 

Here is where the problem lies, customer does not read disclaimer that states they are approving cost and design. They approve it thinking they approve the layout and it kicks the estimate to WIP. The issue is we require a 50% deposit and it take a long time to get the customer to commit still, or even sometimes get a PO developed to send.

This clouds the WIP queue where as a manager it is difficult to really determine what is WIP and what could be WIP...maybe? 

Does anyone else feel conflicted on this? If so what has been a work around to help alleviate this. I know I can just stop sending this thru CB and go via email, but like to track it all in one spot. I wish there was a way CB would just have the estimate stop at estimate approved and wait for us to prompt what to do next. 

I've come across this issue several times in the stores that I've helped with Corebridge and understanding the workflow.

As you stated, this is not the normal process. I can offer two points of advice for this.

1st - When a job is converted to WIP, it enters a status known as Sale Review. The short version of what this status represents is that its a status that is not ready for the design team yet because the Sale Team has to Review the order. In the design module, the status goes into "Upcoming" and so I train the designers to be aware that upcoming means get ready for the order, but don't touch it until the Sales team moves the job. The Sales Team is trained to keep an eye on the Sales Review tab and that NO job should be in this status and if it is, something internal must be done. It could be that a deposit is needed, or a job jacket has to be created, or some art notes have to be updated. Once this is done, then and only then, are they to move the status to "In Design". By following this process, the design team will never have to guess as to what jobs are live versus pending.

2nd - If you are adamant about sending proofs during the estimate stage, you should create a separate line time in the estimate for proof with no money for price and have your designer upload the proof to this line item. By doing this, the customer will still be able to see the proof and of course the approve button will be there, but the way corebridge works, a customer must approve all line items in order for a job to convert to WIP. If they just approve the proof line item, the job will go into the state of Estimate: Approved and not convert to WIP.  

We are facing this same dilemma.

We just went live at the beginning of the month. We have built a lot of relationships over the last 15 years with Property Management Companies. Most of them have to present the estimate and the proof to the HOA boards at the same time. Even if they agree to accept the quote, we do not want it to become an invoice because there is still a chance that we will not get the job. 

We need to find a simple work around too.


Cheryl, this is what we have done. We prepare the estimate with the proof loaded into the line item. We do not change the status to Estimate: Waiting Customer Approval... we leave it just as Estimate: Estimate. In doing so the green envelope icon does not appear to send to customer, we send it just as Email Estimate over in the left hand side. The Customer can view the estimate, enter the portal link and see proofs and provide notes or feedback. With the status in Estimate: Estimate only it does not give the client the green [ approve ] button which causes it to move to WIP. Hope this helps. 

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