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Increase in spam email

Has anyone else experienced an increase in spam email since working on Corebridge? We have had a notable increase (2x) and the contant has been more directed including containing the names of ours staff. The attached file has an example.

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There are a lot of new spam emails going around lately, that particular one in your screenshot was noted last month on a couple different websites.

It's just the latest string of attempts to trick users into providing credit card, bank, and other various account information. The information in the emails is obtained through a variety of ways, primarily bots that are scanning webpages, social media, linkedin, your internet browser cookies, etc. One of the most overlooked things is untrustworthy browser extensions since those can provide a lot of additional information that is later used by the people perpetuating all the spam and phishing schemes. 

These are not related to anything with CoreBridge. 


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