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Design WIP Queue: Product Due Date column?

I have the Design Due column on my Design WIP Queue page.

But I really need the Product Due Date as a column.

is there ANY way to add this?

Jeff Carroccio

Designer for FS 524

Vancouver, WA

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I was actually wanting to say the same exact thing. As a designer using the DESIGN Queue page it would really come in handy to add this additional column next to design due. I would also think adding a third column with Installation Date would really be an awesome addition as well. 

We could then see, design due, product due date. Our owner wants us to utilize CB to the its fullest extent while not printing out invoices to save on added cost of the printer paper. The only tangible way we can see these deadlines directly in front of us to print things out. We do not have the time to click each and every individual work order and see the dates. but if it was all on screen it would help out greatly.

Keith L. Scott

Lead Graphic Designer

Image 360 - York, PA

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