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Machine's Weighted Value Multiplier is incompatible with Market-Value parts.

When I create a part that has a market value assigned to it, I expect the system to preserve the market value price as it is indicative of what the market will bear.

For example, I could sell a part for $5 per square foot. I don't want that to change.

However, when I have a Weighted Value Multiplier on a machine, it is multiplying against the market value for that part, ultimately changing the market value of that part.

Seems counter-intuitive.

It's more logical that a Market-Value is preserved regardless of any equipment used but can be modified via Modifiers.

The advantage:

I use value multipliers to apply known average waste percentages to Cost-Plus parts.

My market values already include waste, disposables, and labor. 

So, I don't want any additional value added to it when a machine is selected.

I'm suggesting a change to the system but I'm also curious how people use this feature.


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