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Commissions payable calculation

Is there a way in Corebridge to calculate commissions due without doing it in Excel? I have switched from Signvox and there was a function where each line on invoice was marked as inside or outside sales and each salesperson had a separate percentage assigned to inside/ouside sales. At pay time I would run a report, review inside/outside sales for accuracy, and paid per report. Also had a box to note the date when the commission was paid.

I cannot find a similar function in Corebridge where you can assign percentages by sales type. I am currently running a sales by sales person report, exporting to Excel, breaking out between inside/outside and multiplying by commission rate. What used to take minutes now takes hours.

Any suggestions to get hours of my life back?


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I also switched from Signvox to Corebridge and I am looking for a simpler report to calculate sales commissions based on inside and outside sales. The sales commission percentage is different for inside and outside sales and it is important to be able to do that every month so we can pay commission to our sales team. Please advise. Thanks.

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