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Setting Minimum Price for Products Instead of Parts

I'm running into a little bit of an issue and I can't seem to find a solution in the help files. We have a shop order minimum of $65 and when setting up our parts this is fine, if someone orders one decal it correctly sets the minimum as $65 dollars and recalculates as the quantity goes up. However when I have a product with multiple parts, for example an aluminum substrate with a digital print on it, the minimum for each part is set as $65 and it just adds them together so I end up with a product total of $130. Is there any way to make the individual parts "see" each other and recalculate based on a whole product minimum as opposed to the parts individually? Am I going about this completely the wrong way?

Hopefully this makes sense, thanks in advance for any assistance.

Can't do it. It would be a great feature though!

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Pretty disappointing, seems like a big oversight in my opinion. How many shops base their minimums off of individual parts instead of the whole product? Since the whole system is based around building parts into products, I can't really figure out how the minimums can be useful the way it is now.

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I don't think this post should be marked as "Solved" as nothing has been solved. Should be tagged as an "open functionality issue", no?

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