Release Notes: June 14th, 2021

An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance through our support site here or by emailing

Enhancements / Refinements

  • Integrations:  Contacts that are integrated with another platform (for example Ecommerce), can now be de-activated within CoreBridge like a contact that was manually created. 
  • Reports: Enhanced the Part Details Export Report by adding the specific global pricing tier name.

General Fixes / Issues
The issues below were resolved in this release.   

  • CRM: Clarified the system message related to CRM Tracking to explain that users cannot delete categories that are already in use on historical events or contacts.
  • Large File Management: Fixed an issue where on the most recent version of Chrome after uploading a file the user would automatically be redirected to the CoreBridge login screen.
    Note: The Large File Management Feature is an upgraded feature. To learn more about this feature and how to add it please view this support article
  • Order Entry: Fixed an issue where the missing customer information popup during Step 1 of order entry wasn't functioning as intended if the customer also had an associated customer flag. 
  • Order Entry: Fixed an uncommon issue where Customer information could be lost during Step 2 of order entry when adding a Quick Product.
  • Reports: Fixed an issue on Estimate and Invoice reports where the Company DBA that would display for the disposition address could display incorrectly on multi-location systems.  Company DBA only displays for Pickup disposition.
  • Work Order: Resolved an issue where trying to Print All Work Orders the report could timeout on larger orders.