Release Notes: July 12th, 2021

An update was released to the CoreBridge API. Following are release notes related to new endpoints, changes to existing endpoints, and bug fixes. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance through our support site here or by emailing

New Endpoints

POST - ExCustomer/SearchCustomers_v2
This allows you to include a JSON during the POST with various parameters to add in the search for customers by applying multiple filters if you prefer.

  • Highlights:
    • All fields are optional.  If you send no parameters, we default to sending all customers, sorted by Id in ascending order.

    • Date Formatting: Various formats will be recognized, but we recommend yyyy-mm-dd.

  • Defaults and Restrictions:

    • Page

      • Default: 1

      • This allows you to specify which page to return.

    • PageSize

      • Default: 10

      • Max: 50

      • This allows you to specify how many results you want per page.

    • Sort

      • Default: Id

      • Available: id, companyname, created, modified

      • This allows you to sort the response.

    • Direction

      • Default: asc (aka Ascending)

      • Available: asc, desc (aka Descending)

      • This allows you to order the response in a specific direction.

  • Priority of Filtering:

    1. Id - this is the Id of a Customer you want to search for.  If this is specified, you will only get one result.

    2. CompanyName - this is a string you want to search for within all company names.  This can return multiple customers if the string is contained within multiple company names.

    3. AccountType

      1. Default: All

      2. Options: LEAD, PROSPECT, CLIENT

    4. IsActive

      1. Default: Both

      2. Options: true, false

    5. ModifiedAfterDate

    6. CreatedAfterDate

  • If you specify both date options, the CreatedAfterDate is ignored.

Changes to Endpoints

  • POST - ExOrderProduct/UpdateProductSubStatusForId
    This was updated to allow you to pass No Value for the new sub-status so that you can set it to None (blank, not specified) as previously you were not able to remove the sub-status if you mistakenly set one or wanted to remove it for some reason.