Release Notes: March 20th, 2023

An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance through our support site here or by emailing

Enhancements / New Features

  • Added a new option for Estimates and Invoices that will limit the displayed unit price to 2 decimal places.
    • To adjust this, go to Management > Customers > Statements > Options and change the Number of Decimals display dropdown from 4 to 2.
    • Please note that CoreBridge only calculates unit price out to 4 decimal places when that granularity was required for the unit price to calculate out to the total price. Changing this setting from 4 to 2 can result in scenarios where the product Unit Price on your Estimates and Orders does not add up to your product Total Price.
  • Added an All Active queue to the Design and Production modules. This queue can be used as a centralized location to view all WIP products or orders just like the Sales Module All Active queue.
    • Module adjustment limitations on Product Status for those queues are still in place.
  • Added a new "Copy Vendor Purchase Orders" option for cloning orders that will allow the user to clone any Vendor Purchase Orders associated with the cloned order.
    • There is a global default option for this available in Management > Global Settings > Ordering.
  • Added a "Disable Auto-Completion" option to the XPS Integration Settings that will prevent the integration from completing a product when XPS creates a shipping label.
    • Product auto-completion is on by default. To turn it off, go to Management > Global Settings > Services and click on the XPS Integration Settings button.
    • When auto-completion is disabled, products will remain in the Built status after the label has been created in XPS, and the associated Destination will have its status change to Label Created.
    • The Label Created destination status has been added to all systems with Destinations, regardless of whether they are using the XPS integration.

General Fixes / Issues
The issues below were resolved in this release.   

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a small white line to be left behind while moving the Order Flags window.
  • Fixed an issue that was leading to an error during Xero Online Detail Sync.